Technology Strategy in Japan



Prof. Tomoji Kawai

Executive Director, Technology Strategy Center(TSC)

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO)




川合 知二 氏


技術戦略研究センター  センター長




Where are the technical strengths and industrial strengths in Japan? In what direction will Japanese industrial technology go? With the emphasis on the role of sensors in the IoT era, the prospects of what kind of features the Nano-IoT technology including MEMS has and what direction it should develop toward will be discussed.


日本における技術的強み・産業的強みはどこにあるのか。今後日本の産業技術はどのような方向に向かっていくのか。 IoT時代においてセンサの役割が重要視されている中、MEMSを含むNano-IoT技術はどのような特徴を持ち、どの方向に発展して行かねばならないのかの展望を述べる。







Tomoji Kawai is currently Executive Director of Technology Strategy Center in NEDO, and Specially Appointed Professor at Osaka University.  He was the Director of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center, the executive director of ISIR and Presidential Aide at Osaka University. His research area is Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in material and bioscience.    He has promoted FIRST Project and ImPACT Project on the Innovative Nano-biodevices, one of the biggest research projects in Japan.

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