Highest performance Infineon MEMS microphones enable smarter voice user interfaces










Dr. Evangelos A. Angelopoulos

Senior Project Leader, RF & Sensors

Infineon Technologies AG



Intelligence is built on processing information gained through interfaces to the environment, the sensors. Therefore, apart from the processing capability, it is the amount and quality of information that determines the level of intelligence that a smart system is able to achieve. Utilizing our in-house capacitive MEMS technology, Infineon’s ambient sensing solutions offer the performance characteristics required for building intelligence into the systems of the future.

Infineon has continuously innovated MEMS microphones and is now introducing the third MEMS technology generation with again improved acoustic performance. High signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) microphones are needed for detecting speech in noisy environments, while their high dynamic range enables the clear capturing of voice despite loud background sources. In addition, miniaturization allows for seamless integration into any system, from smartphones to home appliances. Finally, similar capacitive MEMS principles are used in new applications such as Infineon’s highly accurate barometric pressure sensor or the photoacoustic gas sensor, enabling systems with wider sensing abilities.      




Evangelos A. Angelopoulos is currently a Senior Project Leader in the RF & Sensors group at Infineon Technologies AG in Munich, Germany. He is responsible for the development of high performance MEMS microphones for consumer applications, contributing to Infineon’s leading position in this market.

Evangelos received a Physics Diploma from the University of Athens in 2004 and a M.Sc. in Communications Technology from the University of Ulm in 2007, focusing in semiconductor technology. After his graduation he joined the Institute of Microelectronics Stuttgart (IMS CHIPS) where he co-developed a novel process for fabricating flexible silicon chips and in 2011 he received his Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Stuttgart. The same year, he was awarded the GMM Prize from the Society of Microelectronics, Microsystems and Precision Engineering in Germany for his publication “Ultra-thin chip technology for system-in-foil applications” featured at the 2010 International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM). Since 2013, Evangelos is a member of the RF & Sensors group at Infineon Technologies AG.





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