How does foundry based manufacturing offer smart fabrication of MEMS in intelligent era?










Jerry Liu


Head of Technology & Business Development Center

Semiconductor Manufacturing Electronics (Shaoxing) Corporation, Join Venture of SMIC



New applications are expanding rapidly in our intelligent society. Specialty MEMS devices play a vital role in new technology revolution in our society, however, the lack of advanced and very large scale manufacturing facilities are the gating items for MEMS products commercialization. Foundry can provide large scale, high quality, cost effective and quick delivery manufacturing capability to MEMS designers. Smart fabrication can offer expandable and flexible solutions even on specialty process. Extended production line including CMOS ASIC, MEMS, 3D wafer level package and special module assemble will enable more complicated integration of front end and back end manufacturing.  Based on all above, fabless designers will be able to provide commercial MEMS products on a large scale to their customers. One stop service and one eco-system, including research at universities and institutes, prototyping at R&D process base and mass production at professional foundry, open the door for the advancement of supply chain in China.




Jerry Liu is EVP of Semiconductor Manufacturing Electronics (Shaoxing) Co, Joint Venture of SMIC, responsible for the technology development and marketing & sales. He has more than 15 years’ experience on MEMS, Power, RF, advanced package and other special technology development in SMIC. His more than 40 patents had been authorized. In addition, he is granted as alliance director of Shanghai MEMS and smart sensor chip technology innovation strategy and the master mentor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University because of his contribution on MEMS.




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