MEMS sensor manufacturing technology for SMART Society applications










Dr. Chun-Wen Cheng ( Emerson Cheng)

Deputy Director, MEMS Department




Much more MEMS sensor are required to achieve IoT and smart society. Foundry to support MEMS sensors on various applications count on manufacturing technology readiness together with different material handling. New manufacturing trend shows not only horizontally integrate different MEMS devices for sensor hub usage, but also vertically integrate CMOS and MEMS device, especially 12 inch CMOS show power saving benefit for low power application. The presentation will discuss value-added and benefit through different integration ways, as well as the associated drawback and challenges. It is foundry’s obligation to explore integration and package way for manufacturing readiness on foundry available process, to speed up various application for SMART Society.




Chun-Wen Cheng is responsible for the MEMS technology development at tsmc. After received his BS degree in ME from NCTU in 1993, more than ten years’ semi-conductor experience on different technology including DRAM, e-fuse, embedded memory, SoC and 90nm CMOS platform with timely delivery enrich his creativity sharply. Then first 3 years in MEMS field as senior fab director of 6 inch MEMS foundry gave him in depth understanding on the gap between CMOS / MEMS and MEMS design / MEMS manufacturing. To resolve CMOS-MEMS integration challenge he joined tsmc in 2008. Within 10 years, he not only successfully delivered MEMS technology for various products to make tsmc become one of biggest MEMS foundry today, but also received a PhD in ME. from NTHU with support from tsmc and professor Weileun Fang. He has published 10 papers, and has been granted over 40 patents in the field of MEMS. Now he spends most effort on MEMS roadmap plan and execution for future MEMS manufacturing technology.




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