MEMS business introduction of

Kyodo international and Silex Microsystems



Kenji Kato

Assistant manager

Kyodo international, Inc.



協同インターナショナルとSilex Microsystemsの



加藤 健二氏




MEMS business introduction of Kyodo international and Silex Microsystems









Magnus Rimskog

Sales Director

Silex Microsystems AB






Kyodo International

We Kyodo support customer MEMS business by offering the right solution of MEMS design, development tools, ASIC design, bio-chip providing, prototyping fabrication and volume production which fits your budget and schedule by utilizing our own facilities, knowledge and global partner network. Especially by partnership with Swedish MEMS foundry, Silex Microsystems, we are able to provide volume production service of customer designed MEMS device. 


Silex Microsystems

The sensor industry is constantly inventing new ideas that are changing our everyday lives. MEMS based sensors have been marching into the world we live in over the last two decades and there is no sign that this evolution will come to a halt anytime soon. In fact, we have most likely only seen the beginning as the industry is getting busier every day, creating new innovations for Med-Tech, Smart Cities, IoT, VR/AR, Autonomous Vehicles and more.

Silex is a leading Pure Play MEMS foundry provider with decades of experience manufacturing customized MEMS products for innovation leaders in the MEMS industry. This presentation will share some of the fundamental support systems and protocols developed by Silex to help MEMS foundry customers get to market with a competitive product in the fastest possible time. The presentation will also share Silex plans to build out large scale wafer foundry manufacturing capacity for new and innovative MEMS and sensors in its 200mm wafer “Fab3” currently under construction in Beijing.





Kenji Kato, Kyodo international

Graduated from Tokyo university of science in 1992. 

Worked for precision device manufacturer in the R&D department and developed some MEMS devices, inertial MEMS device, optical device for future memory application etc.

From 2003 moved to semiconductor device maker and engaged to design and manufacture MEMS component to be used in mobile equipment.

From 2009 worked for Kyodo international, belong to oversee business development section, sold semiconductor/MEMS items to oversee customer and support to introduce unique and superior MEMS items from oversee supplier.


Magnus Rimskog, Silex Microsystems

Has 15 years of experience in MEMS at Silex Microsystems and has taken part in bringing a wide variety of MEMS products to market. The latest 12 years Magnus has been responsible for Silex market in North America working with clients and colleagues both on engineering and business side. Prior to Silex Magnus has 5 years of experience working as a consultant in product development engineering. 

Born and raised in Sweden Magnus now lives in Bay Area. He holds a M.Sc. in Physics from Lund Institute of Technology with major in Atomic Physics.



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