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This forum is a unique opportunity operated mainly among engineers close to the MEMS technology, which is the vital key for the 21st century. We strongly believe the key players in this field will drive the world in various business scenes over the next 10 years. Since the start of the 1st MEF in March 2009, this forum has been held annually with MEMS researchers, developers, engineers gathering in one place.

Our mission is the fusion and creation of the new movement based on MEMS fundamental and interdisciplinary technology field through excellent vision and skills by MEMS engineers.


We are looking forward to your participation. See you at MEF 2016!

Hiroki Kuwano, committee chairman, MEF2016

MEF2017 Executive Committee

 Hiroki Kuwano     Tohoku University
Vice Chairman  
 Masayoshi Esashi Tohoku University 
 Naoto Kobayashi Waseda University
 Susumu Kaminaga SPP Technologies, SK Global Advisers
Project Leader
 Shuji Tanaka Tohoku University
 Hiroshi Miyajima  Olympus
 Mari Nozoe Hitachi High-Technologies
   Hiroyuki Ishida SUSS Microtec
Executive committee  
 Hidekuni Takao Kagawa University
 Kazuo Sato Aichi Institute of Technology
 Kenichiro Suzuki Ritsumeikan University
 Lorenz Granrath AIST
 Midori Inako Holst Centre Japan
 Miwako Waga

University of California, San Diego

 Ryo Miyake 

University of Tokyo 
 Shuichi Shoji Waseda University
 Tadatomo Suga University of Tokyo 

 Takehisa Takoshima 

Tohoku University

 Tomonori Seki Omron
 Yutaka Nonomura

Meijo University

Special Advisor  
 Mitsumasa Koyanagi Tohoku University
 Momoji Kubo Tohoku University



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