The 13th MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF)

in-person format at KFC Hall, Tokyo on April 20-21, 2022

On-demand videos are available for view through May 31, 2022



The 13th annual MEMS Engineer Forum was held on April 20-21, 2022 at KFC, Ryogoku, Tokyo, Japan with 661 participants in total for two-day program.


We plan to have archived movie period of keynote speeches, invited speeches, and panel discussion.

The announcement of on-demand MEF 2022 will be available next week.


2019年開催以来の対面式そしてハイブリッド開催となりました、第13回MEMS Engineer Forum(MEF)は、2日間延べで、8地域661名の方々にご聴講を賜りました。8地域23名の招聘講師、36機関の出展者、27機関スポンサーの皆様の暖かいご支援に心から御礼申し上げます。 基調講演・招聘講演のオンデマンド配信(4月27日~5月31日)を予定しております。


MEMS Engineer Forum  (MEF) 2022

MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF)2022が、4月20日(水)~21日(木)に、東京両国のKFCホールで開催されます。対面式(In-person)での開催は2019年以来、2年ぶりとなります。







 対面式のMEF2022では、COVID-19対策を十分に取って開催いたします。会場の座席はレイアウトに余裕を持たせ、飛沫感染を防止します。 そのため最大定員数を会場の定員の50%以下とさせていただきます。ご登録にあたりましては、2日間連続でお越し頂ける方を優先いたしますので、是非ともよろしくお願い申し上げます。ご登録の際は、運営方針ならびに、ご来場者の皆様へのご依頼状況を下記に掲載しておりますので、ご協力をお願い申し上げます。


MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) 2022 will be held on April 20-21 at KFC Hall in Ryogoku, Tokyo. This will be the first time in two years since 2019 that the event will be held in-person.


MEF is a unique venue operated by engineers among the key players in the field, bringing together MEMS researchers, developers, and engineers from all over the world to look at the current state of MEMS technology, which is considered as key technologies of the 21st century, and the future of the technology through the next decade. The MEF has been held its start in 2009 and regularly 850 participants visit the two-day event each year.


The 2020 event was abandoned in light of the COVID-19 infection, and the 2021 event was held online. The 2022 event is scheduled to be held in-person at the KFC Hall in both countries, with thorough COVID-19 infection control measures in place.


The MEF has invited more than 20 speakers from the world's top business management, researchers and technical managers in charge of advanced technology development, government policy makers, venture capitalists, etc. The MEF will hold a technical exhibition concurrently with the lecture sessions. 

 The MEF will be a forum for engineers to share their unique perspectives and skills in the basic technologies of MEMS and adjacent fields to create new forms and fuse them together. Our mission is to verify the process of fusion and its completion on an international level.


 The MEF is supported by exhibitors and sponsors. We would like to thank the 36 exhibitors and 27 sponsors for their support.


 The in-person MEF2022 will be held with sufficient COVID-19 measures. The seating in the venue will be laid out with plenty of room to prevent droplet infection. Therefore, the maximum number of participants will be limited to less than 50% of the venue's capacity. We would appreciate your cooperation in registering for this event, as priority will be given to those who are able to come on two consecutive days. Please take note of the following information regarding our management policy and the status of our visitor requests when registering.


April 19, 2022

MEF 2022 Program Handout is available!


The information includes welcome message, program schedule, committee organization, exhibitors/sponsors list, speech abstracts and speakers biography, and advertisement of exhibitors and sponsors.


MEF 2022のプログラムハンドアウトをご覧いただけます。


April 19, 2022

Newsletter on the exhibits hights of MEF 2022 Part 2 is uploaded.

MEF 2022の出展者ハイライトを紹介するNewsletter Part 2がアップロードされました。

April 18, 2022

Newsletter on the speech hights of MEF 2022 is uploaded.

MEF 2022の海外の講演ハイライトを紹介するNewsletter がアップロードされました。

April 15, 2022

Newsletter on the exhibits hights of MEF 2022 is uploaded.

MEF 2022の出展者ハイライトを紹介するNewsletterがアップロードされました。

January 20, 2022

MEF 2022の出展要項・スポンサーシップ要項がアップロードされました。


・MEF2022 出展概要

・MEF2022 スポンサーシップ概要

January 21, 2022

MEF 2022の講師陣がアップロードされました。

MEF2021 Program Handout



MEF 2021 Program Handout includes outline of MEF 2021, program schedule by time zone, speaker information, exhibitors and sponsors listing, committee members, and advertisement from our exhibitors and sponsors.  


MEF 2021のプログラムハンドアウトは、MEF 2021のプログラムスケジュール、スピーカー情報、出展者・スポンサー、委員会メンバー、そして、出展者・スポンサーからの広告を掲載しております。



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