The 15th MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF)

in-person format at KFC Hall, Tokyo on April 17-18, 2024

The MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) is a unique forum, organized mainly by engineers who are key players in this field, to explore the current status of MEMS technology, which is considered the core technology of the 21st century, and the future of the technology up to the next decade. The MEF, bringing together MEMS researchers, developers, and engineers from around the world, has been held since its inception in March 2009, and the MEF 2024 will be the 15th annual event.


  The previous MEF (MEF2023) welcomed more than 660 participants over the two days. In addition, 42 organizations and companies exhibited at the technical exhibition held concurrently with the symposium, exceeding the number of previous years, and 32 companies supported the symposium as sponsors.

  In the 15th MEF2024, we will continue to formulate and integrate new forms of basic MEMS technologies and technologies in adjacent fields with the viewpoints and skills of engineers, through both the symposium and the accompanying technology exhibition. Furthermore, our mission is to verify the process of fusion and its completion on an international level.

  The MEF will provide an opportunity for active technical and human exchange by inviting speakers from the world's top business management, researchers and technical managers in charge of advanced technology development, and startups.

  We look forward to seeing you at MEF2024, which will be held on April 17-18, 2024, at KFC Hall in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

 MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF)は、21世紀のコアテクノロジーとされるMEMS技術の現状と、向こう10年までの技術の将来に迫る、この分野のキープレイヤーとなるエンジニアを中心に運営されるユニークな場です。世界中のMEMS研究者、開発者、技術者が一堂に集うMEFは、2009年3月の初開催以降、回を重ね、2024年のMEFは第15回開催となります。







April 19-20, 2023

MEF 2023 Program Handout


The information includes welcome message, program schedule, committee organization, exhibitors/sponsors list, speech abstracts and speakers biography, and advertisement of exhibitors and sponsors.


MEF 2023のプログラムハンドアウトをご覧いただけます。


MEMS Engineer Forum  (MEF) 2022

MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF)2024


東京両国 KFCホール

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