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News & Topics 2022 Vol. 3

36の出展社と27のスポンサー企業と共に開催準備進行中  新コンセプトの実機、新ソリューションへの提案も続々登場

MEF 2022 Exhibitor Highlight Part II

by Midori Inako

MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) 2022 is about to be held. As planned, in principle, it will be held locally, and some will be held in a hybrid format where online participation is possible. Finally, 36 exhibitors and 27 sponsored companies have decided to participate. Both the lecture hall and the exhibition hall have a generous layout and are taking thorough infection control measures. Please visit us in feel free.





News & Topics 2022 Vol. 2



MEF 2022 Speech Highlight

Contributed by Susumu Kaminaga

MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) 2022 is coming very soon. I am sure all the registered participants, sponsors, exhibitors are looking forward to the opening of the MEF in-person at site after three years, cf. held on-line last year and cancelled the year before due to COVID-19. Like every year in the past, many more interesting speeches are found in the program. Among them, some background of the speeches to be made by the prominent experts from overseas are described below.


今年のMEF (MEMS Engineer Forum 2022) 開催が2日後に迫ってまいりました。参加登録をされた皆様、スポンサーの皆様、出展社の皆様、3年振りの会場開催を楽しみにお待ちいただいているかと思います。今年も従来にも増して、多くの興味深い講演が目白押しと言えるかと思います。その中でも、海外からMEMS界の重鎮と謂われる方々の講演を中心として、その背景について、MEF創設メンバーのひとりであり、MEF国際諮問委員会メンバーで、今回のMEF Grand Panel Discussionのモデレーターをされ、招聘講師とも強いネットワークをお持ちのSPPテクノロジーズの神永晉氏にご説明を頂きました。

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MEF 2022 Exhibitor Highlight Part I

by Midori Inako

 The real holding of the MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) 2022 will finally be realized after two years blank. The influence of COVID-19 is still enormous in the world, but we repeatedly discussed the optimal holding format with "the value of exchanging information at the MEF venue" in the mind, and finally decided based on the purpose of this forum. It will be held face-to-face with the help of many companies and organizations exhibiting and sponsoring.




どうぞこの機会をお見逃しなく。 東京・両国でお会いしましょう!


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