What’s next in MEMS ? 

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Jean-Philippe POLIZZI

MEMS Business Development Manager

CEA Leti, France





The proliferation of MEMS into high volume consumer markets has given an unprecedented boost to this industry, transforming deeply the actor’s names and rankings, and allowing the rise of a few billion dollar winners. But this has led to a commoditization of the sensors found in smartphones (accelerometers, gyrometers, magnetometers and pressure sensors) with extremely stiff price decrease for these markets. In order to restore margins, MEMS companies have no other choice than pushing innovation, developing new components for disruptive applications.  As a key R&D actor in the field of MEMS, CEA Leti is strongly participating to this trend. This presentation will provide a glimpse at some ongoing developments targeting large volume applications.



Jean-Philippe Polizzi has been involved for more than 25 years in the field of microsystem based products developments in different companies and Research Institutes. At SAGEM, he participated to micromachined pressure sensors and accelerometers development for the automotive markets. He joined Auxitrol in 1997 as the pressure sensor group manager, where he developed a variety of MEMS based aerospace sensors for clients such as Airbus or Boeing. From 2002 to 2004, he was the head of the MEMS group in Thales corporate research centre, where he worked on RF switches and piezo-electric sensors and actuators. He joined CEA Leti in 2004 as project leader in the field of RF MEMS. He is currently in charge of strategy and business development for the MEMS sensors and actuator activity at CEA Leti.

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