Value Add MEMS and Sensing for Smart Cities





Mrs. Karen Lightman

Vice President, MEMS & Sensors Industry Group






MEMS and sensors are already ubiquitous.  Companies in the MEMS and sensors supply chain are plentiful, competitive, and innovative.  As threats of commoditization, consolidation and competition increase, the impetus to gain as much value from MEMS and sensors is increasing.  MEMS and sensors device manufacturers are positioning themselves as both hardware and software providers, selling chips along with the algorithms and sensor fusion to enable system integration, maximize value, and remain competitive. The importance of working with the entire MEMS and sensors supply chain is critical to enable companies to get faster to market and faster to revenue.  

Ms. Lightman’s presentation will discuss issues related to creating value through MEMS and sensors, as well as the associated opportunities and challenges. Her presentation will also cover the current state of the art, trends, and the key technical and business themes that emerged from MEMS & Sensors Industry Group’s recent events, including MEMS Executive Congress, CES 2017 and MEMS & Sensors Industry Group Conference Asia 2017 held in Shanghai. She will provide case studies and examples of companies that are creating value, including several startups that see smart cities as an application ripe with opportunity. 

We are on the cusp of exciting developments in MEMS & sensors technology that have the potential to create a smarter planet. Please join Ms. Lightman as she overviews the challenges and opportunities that abound for companies in the MEMS & sensors supply chain. 




Karen Lightman is Vice President of MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG), a SEMI Strategic Association Partner. As the go-to resource for linking the MEMS and sensors supply chains to diverse, global markets, MSIG

advocates for near-term commercialization of MEMS/sensors-based products through a wide range of activities, including conferences, technical working groups and industry advocacy.


Ms. Lightman played a pivotal role in launching MSIG in 2001 and in shepherding the partnership with SEMI, effective January 2017. She is active on the worldwide conference circuit as a keynote speaker and panelist. Ms. Lightman manages MSIG operations, spearheads strategic

growth, and oversees sales, public relations, marketing, and outreach. She also plays a critical role in creating content for all MSIG and

MSIG-partner conferences, events, and programming.


Ms. Lightman holds a BA from the University of Vermont and a MS in Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. She resides with her family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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