MEMS sensors for smart buildings







Mr. Frédéric Breussin

Business Unit Manager, 






Population growth has slowed in many parts of the world. The total world population was 6.1 billion people in 2000 and the projected total number of people in 2100 will be 11.2 billion. By 2050, the world will be one-third rural (34%) and two-thirds urban (66%). Cities population is therefore significantly increasing, and faces the challenge of combining competitiveness and sustainable urban development simultaneously

Today, 40% of world energy consumption is for buildings, 28% for transportation and 32% for industry. To achieve greener and more secure homes/buildings, a shift in sensing from basic functions (such as light switch on/off) to more advanced functions is required. For instance, occupancy control, motionless people detection, people localization, people counting, people behavior analysis are poised to contribute to significant energy saving. But smart building is not only energy saving driven. Comfort and security are as well key incentives for smart applications development. The presentation will provide an overview of smart building applications, sensors and its ecosystem.





Frédéric Breussin is responsible for the MEMS and Sensors activity at Yole Développement, the "More than Moore" market research and strategy consulting company. He has supported many companies in their innovation and product development strategy in making the bridge between micro systems technologies and their applications in consumer, automotive, industrial,  Life sciences, diagnostics and medical device industries. He holds an Engineering diploma from INSA Rouen & a DEA in fluid mechanics from University of Rouen.

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