Sensor Networks: Crossing Industrial Boundaries

to Build a Cooperative Platform

Mr. Osamu Koyanagi

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Development Bank of Japan  





小柳 治 氏





The "sensor network" I will talk about today is the same concept as that proposed by Professor Mishina of Kobe University in March of last year. 

The Development Bank of Japan had provided a forum Professor Mishina, in which he worked out the ideas which led up to this concept. Today I will discuss what this concept involves, and what DBJ views as the tasks that must be accomplished in order to realize it.

Japanese companies are among the world’s most advanced when it comes to sensor technologies. Currently, by introducing the Internet of Things into existing businesses, many Japanese firms are studying the possibility of developing new products that can offer something different in the way of services.

However, I don’t believe that we should pursue innovation only for the purpose of extending conventional technologies. Should we do so, I fear that we would miss the opportunity to add great value to the store of sensor technology we have built up thus far, especially as we approach the “trillion sensor” era. Companies with sensor technologies, regardless of industry, should lose no time in pooling their knowledge to build a platform based on the “sensor network" concept.






Date of Birth:

April 29, 1958


Bachelor of Liberal Arts, University of Tokyo (March 1981)

Career Summary:

April 1981 Joined the Japan Development Bank (currently the Development Bank of Japan Inc.)

June 2005 Director General, Corporate Planning Department

October 2006 Director General, Environment & Energy Department

March 2008 Director General, Department for Corporate Finance, Division 5(Environment & Energy)

October 2008 General Manager, Department for Corporate Finance, Division 5(Environment & Energy)

June 2011 Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Finance Department, Division 5(Environment & Energy)

June 2012 Managing Executive Officer, Head of Kansai Branch

June 2014 Audit & Supervisory Board Member (current position)



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