Risk and Security for IoT+Cloud

Mr. Satoshi Takahashi

Lead Solution Engineer / Sales Engineering




高橋 悟史 氏


リードソリューションエンジニア / セールスエンジニアリング本部



The concept of internet of things is really emergent for a lot of enterprises and government institutes. Cloud computing services are often used as a backend service for IoT infrastructure. As same as the situation of web based computing, there are a lot of risk issues around IoT computing landscape. This session illustrates major risk issues around IoT+cloud and how to mitigate these risk issues.



Satoshi Takahashi is a lead solution engineer at salesforce.com. He is focusing IT security related activities at pre-sales phase. Before joining salesforce.com he worked for several US based IT companies. He wrote technical articles at technical community site and wrote books regarding IT security.

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