Sensor Network in Health, Medical and Homecare

Dr. Naoki Nakashima

Director / Medical Information Center

Kyushu University Hospital



中島 直樹 氏


センター長・教授 / メディカル・インフォメーションセンター



Because Japan is the clear top runner of aging society in the world, we need to decrease medical cost and increase labor productivity before 2025 when all baby boomer bone right after WW2 will accomplish 75 year-old or elder. We have conducted disease management product since 2004 in Japan, to increase cost/effectiveness of medical service. From this experience, we applied it in villages and factories in Bangladesh by sensor and mobile network for more than 16K subjects in unique number in 2012-2014. We also have conducted experiments to know nurse movements in hospital wards by sensors in order to make it efficiently from 2011, because the number of nurse is the largest in medical staffs (about 2M) in Japan. We could grasp all movement of nurse staffs (n=35) for all inpatients (n=118) in a ward for 24 hours X 40 days. I would like to explain how we have done these and how we should spread this kind of big data analysis to homecare field in the symposium.




Naoki Nakashima MD PhD is the Director/Professor (2014-) of the Medical Information Center of Kyushu University Hospital, and also Vice CIO of Kyushu University, Japan. He has been a specialist of diabetes mellitus for 27 years and simultaneously worked as a specialist of medical informatics for 14 years. He is a councillor member of Japanese Society of Diabetes Mellitus (JDS) and the vice-president of Japan Association for Medical Informatics (JAMI). He focuses on the disease management methodology of chronic diseases from primary to tertiary prevention with sensor networking technology. 

He is also a founding member (2003-)/vice chairman (2014-) of International Medical Department (iMed) in Kyushu University Hospital. iMED is the most active institute for international telemedicine in Asia-Pacific area. He is recently conducting cost-effective health check-up by sensor network and telemedicine with Grameen group in Bangladesh (2012-) and with Biyani group in Jaipur, India(2016-).



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