Trend in Automotive Electronics and MEMS 

Dr. Nobuaki Kawahara

Head, Research Laboratories




川原 伸章 氏





Automotive electronics have been evolving and creating new control systems depending on many technologies including MEMS. Considering the trend of future automobile, MEMS technologies will be more important to realize safer and more eco-friendly vehicle. In the future vehicle, many advanced sensors are required, which are developed by not only MEMS technologies but also packaging, electronic circuit, and software technologies. These all related technologies are essential for product developments. In the presentation, a trend in automobile and MEMS, and activities in DENSO will be explained.




Joined DENSO CORPORATION in 1983 and engaged in automotive sensor developments. In 1990, moved to DENSO research laboratory and developed MEMS sensors and micro devices. 1994-1996, transferred to Micromachine Center, Tokyo for Micromachine project. Since 2001, directed MEMS research and automotive electronics in DENSO research laboratories. In 2010, moved to Information and Safety business unit, and directed product developments in Japan and Germany. Since 2015, directed research laboratories and managed advanced engineering in DENSO.


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